About us

Target Group

The recentgraduates, unemployed people with higher education, and returned migrants may benefit from the assistance provided by the SYSLAB Centres, regardless of their age, ethnic origin, and work experience. The counselling will focus on identifying the chances for getting employed on the labour market or for business planning and launching.


SYSLAB Career Advisors are well-known for the professional recommendations provided to all the participants attending the training programs. They monitor the progress and the results of the training activities to ensure that every participant fully harnesses the existing employment opportunities.


During the trainings provided by the Centre, you will benefit from the necessary assistance to get prepared for obtaining a job successfully: providing awareness of your own competences, drafting an efficient CV, applying correctly for a vacancy, and developing communication skills. You will also obtain necessary assistance and guidance to plan and launch your own business.

SYSLAB Centres

Currently 5 Career Development Centres operate – all of them being created as part of the “Innovative Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Employment” UNDP Moldova Project. The first Centre was launched in Chisinau in June 2013. The other 4 Centres were created in Moldovan regions (Rezina, Balti, Cahul, and Comrat) during April 2014 – April 2015. A SYSLAB Centre is operated by one Coordinator, one or two Career Advisors, and one or two Assistant.

SYSLAB Trainings

The following tools are used to provide trainings: organization of individual or group activities, simulations, role-playing games, public speech and presentation, cognitive games.


The SYSLAB Centres benefit from a series of partnerships set within the project to facilitate the successful employment of the Centres’ beneficiaries. Partnerships were established with a number of universities from Chisinau, Cahul, Comrat, and Balti, with StarNet, NEXUS, and other companies from business environment, which regularly visit the SYSLAB Centres to provide employment offers and to get acquainted with the beneficiaries of the Centres.

  • SYSLAB Chisinau

    75G, Alba Iulia St.,
    office 707,
    Republic of Moldova
    Tel.: +373 22 901254 Tel./Fax: +373 22 901255

  • SYSLAB Balti

    13 Decebal St., office 205, SA “RAUT”,
    Republic of Moldova
    Tel.: +373 231 21179 Tel./Fax: +373 231 20145

  • SYSLAB Cahul

    19 Dunarii St., office 308, State University “B.P. Hasdeu” bloc B,
    Cahul, MD-3900,
    Republic of Moldova
    Tel.: +373 299 41801 Tel./Fax: +373 299 41803

  • SYSLAB Comrat

    54, Suvorov St., Gymnasium №2 «Stepan Kuroglo», 3rd floor, Comrat, MD-3800, Republic of Moldova
    Теl.: +373 298 31340 Теl./Fax: +373 298 31163

  • SYSLAB Rezina

    10, Sciusev St., office 7, Business Incubator, Rezina,
    Republic of Moldova
    Tel.: +373 254 92189 Tel./Fax: +373 254 92178